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Consulting and Coaching Franchises: Why consider them?

Learn why consulting and coaching franchises are great business opportunities.

Is your dream to own a consulting or coaching business but you simply don’t know where to start and is afraid it may be too difficult to establish yourself in the market? One good alternative to achieve your goals with the benefits of not having to start something from scratch and establish a brand from ground zero is to go the franchising model.

There are a series of franchises in the consulting and coaching industry that are expanding rapidly. By owning a franchise instead of an independent business you can rely on several advantages:

  • Recognized brand: many franchises in the consulting industry have established brands, many times worldwide, so you remove one key barrier for customer adoption;
  • Training: all franchises have training programs to get you started with a solid background and performing well;
  • Support: franchises typically have a strong support system, with phone and e-mail channels for any inquiries, plus many times local mentors that will help you every step of the way as you establish your new business;
  • Lead generation tools: many franchises have some well established marketing channels for lead generation with nationwide programs, plus you receive coaching on how to properly establish your local marketing to get new leads;
  • Proven models: as with any franchises, one of the biggest benefits is the fact you can leverage a model that has been proven in multiple locations, so you don’t need to go through the painful (and costly) burden of a lot of trial and error as typically independent business owners go through (many running out of capital before passing this phase);
  • Recurring revenue potential: many of these franchise models rely on customers who lock on a year or multi-year contract, so franchisees can benefit from building a portfolio of monthly customers generating recurring revenue for them.

Manager Walking On The Road To Success

Here are some examples of categories of consulting franchises available in the market, and the total investment needed to open the business:

  • Business and executive coaching – helping businesses grow by assisting with strategic planning and keeping business owners accountable to executing it (investment starts at U$75,000). Click here for one example of a franchise in this category.
  • Networking – building networking groups that enable business owners / C-level executives to share expertise through peer advice and business coaching. Other concepts focus on establishing networking groups where group members help each other by referring their colleague’s businesses. In these models group attendees pay a membership fee (investment starts at U$12,000). Click here for one example of a franchise in this category.
  • Cost Reduction – these franchises focus on consulting for business owners on ways to reduce their telecom or other types of ongoing costs. As the reduction plan gets implemented you receive a percentage of the cost reduction amount, on a monthly bases (investment starts at U$50,000). Click here for one example of a franchise in this category.
  • Sales, Management and Leadership Training – these franchises have well established training programs that are offered to corporations (investment starts at U$88,000);
  • Marketing / Digital Marketing – these franchises provide consulting services for business owners and assist with development and execution of high performance marketing plans, many focused on digital marketing (investment starts at U$25,000). Click here for one example of a franchise in this category.






If investing in a franchise sounds interesting to you, contact us to receive a list of consulting franchises for your consideration:


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Franchise Wizards is a Franchise Consulting company that belongs to a group of executives with over 25 years of combined experience in the Franchising Industry. Our mission is to help you achieve your dream of business ownership through franchising!

Our industry experts can help you in many ways:

1) Leverage our deep expertise in the Franchising industry to help you select the right franchise for your investment, based on your background, goals and budget.
2) Receive coaching during the entire franchise selection and investigation process. We will partner with you every step of the way, so you can make most of your time, and make the best decision.
3) Get preferred access to the Franchise Directors and Founders, as we are connected directly to them.
4) Get access to our network of professionals that will help you in your new venture, including Funding Partners specialized in small business funding, CPAs, Attorneys, Business Coaches, and more!

Working with us has no cost to you! We work with nearly 500 franchises and are paid by the franchisors we work with, not you! We help them find qualified candidates that would be great fit for their franchise networks, at the same time we help you find the best franchise for your investment.

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