Learn about what makes a Food Franchise appealing to Millennials.

In the past, offering a quick-service experience was the key to success in the restaurant industry, but nowadays the preference is shifting towards restaurants that offer a build-your-own-meal platform. In fact, a customizable offering has become a must among young diners – the Millennials, or the Gen Y.

Due to this new trend, every restaurant, especially in quick service categories, is moving to attract this group. Customization is being allowed in many ways, such as building your meal by selecting all ingredients you want from a list, or combining two or more items to create a plate.

In addition to the key customization aspect, for a restaurant business to be successful among the millennials, other features are critical: quick service (yes, this continues to be a requirement); fresh, healthy and high quality ingredients; and inviting atmosphere. Franchises that nailed on all these key components are being a hit!

Here are 4 examples of franchises that took the customization approach as the rule of thumb, and became a major success across the Millennials:

Rush Bowls

Screen Shot 03-31-17 at 09.10 PMRush Bowls was launched in 2004, when founder, Andrew Pudalov, decided to leave the hustle and bustle of New York’s financial scene to pursue his dream of creating a healthy, fast-dining restaurant that fueled people’s lives with honest ingredients and delicious recipes. A Rush Bowl is a thick, creamy blend of all-natural fruit, wholesome ingredients and nutrients, topped with delicious, crunchy granola and a drizzle of honey.  It’s a complete meal-in-a-bowl designed to satisfy… whatever someone’s RUSH might be.

In the menu are 15 nutritious bowls—good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—as well as other limited-time offers. These pre-set bowls are something to start with, and can be customized for each person’s taste, by shifting or adding ingredients. Popular Rush bowls include Peanut Butter & Jelly, with house-ground peanut butter, bananas, and strawberries. The Jungle bowl features strawberries, pineapple, bananas, shaved coconut, two juices, and more. Fat-free frozen yogurt is optional.

Rush Bowls attracts people who are interested in eating all-natural, healthy food on the go. This is a massive market that continues to grow rapidly with sales of healthy and all-natural food anticipated to reach $1 trillion by 2017. Over the past decade, Rush Bowls has cultivated a loyal following and developed a successful business model by perfecting menu items, processes, vendor relationships and marketing practices.

It is a great concept to be opened around University campus, hospitals or gentrified and hipster neighborhoods. Rush Bowls is not only personally fulfilling, but also highly rewarding financially as a business opportunity – click here to lean more.

Teriyaki Madness

Screen Shot 03-31-17 at 09.18 PM

As two brothers and a cousin growing up in the Seattle area, where Asian restaurants are on nearly every corner, the Teriyaki Madness Co-Founders were raised on diverse Asian flavors and, in particular, Teriyaki. Going “ALL IN” they headed for Vegas in 2003, where they started their own Teriyaki-style concept like their favorites from home, focused more on a hip and comfortable environment rather than the traditional Asian formal dining experience. With its wide variety of visitors and residents from all over the country, Las Vegas was the perfect test market. T-Mad quickly grew to become a Vegas favorite, and is now exploding into new markets across the country.

Teriyaki Madness is a fast-casual Asian restaurant serving exceptional teriyaki cuisine in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  The best definition for the food served at Teriyaki Madness is “Japanese comfort food with a twist.” They offer customizable bowls combining Japanese-style vegetables, rice or noodles and a protein. There are seven proteins prepared teriyaki style that can be chosen from, and combined with steamed or stir-fried vegetables and a base of rice (3 choices) or noodles.

A big component of Teriyaki Madness franchises is the training they provide to franchisees and their staff. The staff is trained to understand the flavor profiles of the ingredients and to deal with dietary needs of guests with special requirements. This makes a difference when it comes to the overall customer experience!

To learn more about Teriyaki Madness franchise investment, click here.

Aloha Poke Bowl

Screen Shot 03-31-17 at 09.29 PMPoke, which includes chunks of seafood traditionally served with rice, green onions, sesame oil, and other garnishes in a bowl, could also be known as a deconstructed sushi. The concept was created in Hawaii, and has become really popular in California over the past year, now quickly making its way to the East as well.

At Aloha Poke Bowl, customers can customize their bowl with 4 core components: the base (eg. Rice, wonton or greens), a poke (eg. Ahi tuna, salmon, etc), the toppings (eg. Ginger, Edamami, green onions and many more) and the sauce (eg. Spicy mayo, ponzu, sesame oil, etc)…YUM! In addition to the completely customizable dishes, they have signature bowls that are also extremely popular.

To request more information about Aloha Poke Bowl and other franchises, click here.

My Pie Pizza

Screen Shot 03-31-17 at 09.35 PMMy Pie is truly a modern classic. It is a place where each guest has the opportunity to custom build their own dining experience using authentic Italian recipes and having it served New York fast. My Pie makes its own dough and sauces daily from scratch, they procure the freshest vegetables, the highest quality meats and bake them all together in an 800-degree oven for two minutes. The My Pie guys are simply passionate pizza people and have figured out how to create an authentic Italian, New York-style pizza in a New York minute. There is no other pizzeria like this between here and Brooklyn… Guaranteed!

Today My Pie not only offers a taste of New York to local neighborhoods, but also remains focused on its core values by giving back to the local community. The My Pie guys and every employee in every restaurant are committed to giving guests the experience of NY energy and great pizza!

To learn more about My Pie, click here.







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