Learn about these great Gym and Fitness Franchise Business Opportunities.

If you have been thinking about investing in a business with a health appeal, this is the best time to do so. The industry is blooming!

On the healthy food side, food and drinks with a healthy appeal comprise a market with projection of U$1 trillion in global sales by 2017, according to Euromonitor international.

On the Fitness industry side, according to IBISWorld (2016), it is estimated that just in the US, the Health club industry is U$30 billion in size, growing 2.1% year over year. In addition, the personal training industry was estimated at U$9 billion in 2016, growing at a 3.2% rate year over year (IBISWorld, 2016). Health club memberships are expected to reach 50 million nationally this year, and building more fitness clubs is necessary to meet the growing demand and focus on health and wellness.

In order to understand better what is trending in the health and wellness industry, we interviewed Scott Elliott, the founder of Kool Body Personal Training, who has been providing personal fitness training for over a decade and is a recognized leader in the fitness space.


Scott Elliott

Scott Elliott has been providing personal fitness training for over a decade.  Following graduation from Texas A&M University, Scott left a career as a Engineer to pursue his passion to change lives through health, fitness, and self development.  His background has created a unique and impactful approach that combines, physiology, psychology, and passion; of which, propel his clients to understand the core of their purpose for getting healthy and the driving force to get them there.  His greatest reward is witnessing clients physically change and emotionally grow, as well as, becoming happier, more productive, and inspiring people.  “Your success is my success” – Scott Elliott
Scott Elliott founded Kool Body Personal Training, located in Del Mar, CA, of where he offers both private training, small group classes, and on-line programs.  His programs capitalize on 3 areas: exercise, nutrition, and mindset. Recognizing everyone is unique with their needs, the program begins with body type testing each client to build both an exercise and nutrition program based on your specific body type.  His coaching creates a focused mindset to keep the client on track and motivated through the journey.  All of which provides a system and experience to get you results.
  Learn more about Scott Elliott : http://koolbody.com and https://www.facebook.com/scottryanelliott/

According to Scott, the health and wellness industry is continuing to peak to new heights for 3 major reasons:

  1. The “baby boomer” generation have reached the age (57-74) of taking necessary health actions; due to years of taxing the body through years of strenuous work, poor diet, or poor genetic conditions; such as heart disease.  The baby boomer generation has come to a point in their lives that they either act or suffer the consequences.  
  2. Second reason, the accessibility that mainstream marketing has to us every minute of the day imprints a “be healthy” message.  Each time you turn on the TV, internet, or even phone, you are blasted by “try this new workout and look like me”.  Whether you believe in what they are selling or not, the constant distraction of their message will eventually get you.  I know, because I too have purchased the workout videos, gym memberships, and diet plans, even though I create fitness products myself, my curiosity gets the best of me.  
  3. Third and final reason, beyond the fad diets or staple fitness products we are exposed to, our conscious, our doctors, our significant others, remind us that exercise and nutrition are important, and no matter what you choose to do about it, do something!  Health and wellness is not a “nice to have one day” event, it is a necessary, life changing habit.  So, if what is offered as a solution to the health crisis sounds good and accessible, people will buy.  And since the fitness industry is marketing lifestyle change, if your product or service is quality, then the market will continue to buy for a long time, whether they actually use it or not.  Example, do you use your gym membership or workout video?

In conclusion, there is no doubt that making an investment in a business with a health and wellness appeal is a great move. Picking the right opportunity, though, is key. Investing in a franchise in this sector can offer multiple benefits such as the opportunity to leverage a well-established brand, a product/service that has been proven to be popular in the market, leverage of operating and marketing systems and receiving continuous training and support, which typically franchisors provide to their franchisees.

In this article, we selected some of the greatest business investment opportunities in the health and wellness industry, and grouped them by their target markets (children, adults or seniors). We hope you enjoy learning about them:


There is significant opportunity among the children’s fitness market. The children fitness centers franchise market is estimated at 550M (growing 2% a year) spread among 1,193 centers across the US. The growing awareness of the benefits from exercising regularly, especially in response to a rising childhood obesity rate, have driven demand. So not surprisingly there are great emerging and successful franchise models in this space. In addition, some franchise models are targeting the Children’s healthy eating industry as more and more parents are conscious about the importance of a healthy nutrition for their kids.

According to Scott Elliott: “Studies have shown that the future health of adults begins as children. According to Ed Yong of Science Blogs, our body can develop additional fat cells and fat cell size based on genes and what we consume as children, in infant and adolescent years.  Additionally, teaching kids healthy habits are best done at young age, of which, they are most impressionable, adventurous, and have few mental resilience, relative to an adult. Finally, motor skills are developed by active movement which to some degree are compromised today by the hours spent in front of video games.  Keep in mind, the adolescent years are critical to a child in their mental, hormonal, and physical well being. How they develop in these first years of their life sets the stage for the rest of their lives. With this being said, the children of today will dictate the future of tomorrow; having a child with healthy habits and mindset will be a driving force on the future of our health care systems.”

Here are the franchises we selected in this space:


AMAZING ATHLETES – Amazing Athletes is a mobile, year-round, educational sports and fitness program that introduces young children to the basic fundamentals of 9 different sports while helping them master 7 key areas of motor-development.  All of their programs are taught using age-appropriate equipment and a carefully constructed curriculum which has been endorsed as developmentally appropriate by an early childhood expert. Students participate in one 35 minute class per week and are taught basic motor skills, hand eye coordination and specific skills in 9 different sports all in a positive, fun environment. The only real requirement for the franchisee is a love for kids. Click to learn more and request information.



JUMP!ZONE: This franchise is a high volume, indoor play & party centric business that focuses on automation and technology leadership, offering exciting themed inflatables for children to jump on, at the same time providing a comfortable environment for parents. They use the tallest, largest, and best themed based inflatables to leverage a child’s predisposition towards the biggest brands in America like Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Bros, and Marvel Comics (all fully licensed). This concept has a fitness appeal as children are exercising while having fun in their inflatable toys.  Jump!Zone is a powerful business model which combines multiple revenue streams of parties, walk-in play, food, drink, merchandise and arcade. Click to learn more and request information.



WHOLESOME TUMMIES: School food is a $42 billion industry yet highly fragmented and lacking suppliers that provide freshness, nutrition, quality, and service.  WholeSome Tummies is the first and only kids’ healthy food franchise in the U.S. providing a total solution for the highest quality school lunch program.  There is incredible demand for the WholeSome Tummies concept and it’s not going away anytime soon.  This business model is a traditional “hub and spoke” model.  The hub of the operation is the central commissary where all foods are made fresh from scratch daily by the local kitchen team.  The spokes of the operation are routes delivering fresh from scratch foods directly to schools.  They’ve proven the franchise business model works with the superior systems, software, recipes, training, marketing, and operating standards they have developed.  Click to learn more and request information.


PRO MARTIAL ARTS: this franchise offers a fast-paced, exciting sports/fitness business concept with cutting-edge programs comprised of true karate workouts (they teach a fusion of three styles of Korean Karate, Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido). In addition, they created an exclusive bullying and predator prevention program they call Armor™ which is very popular as it teaches children how to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world. Additionally, several of their studios offer additional classes in yoga, tai chi and fitness kickboxing. No karate or martial arts experience is necessary to qualify for a PRO Martial Arts franchise. Click here to request more information about Pro Martial Arts.


In the market around adult health, some of the latest trends are food franchises that focus on organic, health ingredients, such as RushBowls, described below. In addition, fitness franchises with a boxing and kickboxing workout program have been a hit, not only due to the appeal of the workout, but also due to creative class schedule that allows members to start a new class every few minutes, which really helps accommodate the busy schedules most people have. According to Scott Elliott: “kick boxing and boxing serve multiple health benefits; ranging from cardiovascular health, self defense, full body workout, and weight loss conditioning.  A more unique advantage to boxing/kickboxing is the neurological conditioning, according to a study by The University of Dayton on patients with MS, which brings along the improved balance and coordination.  Taking a direct impact to the face should not be the intent of these classes; as this may damage the brain; but kick boxing and boxing movements as a form of  exercise is highly regarded to get that body in shape. “

Screen Shot 03-31-17 at 09.10 PMRUSH BOWLS – Rush Bowls was launched in 2004, when founder, Andrew Pudalov, decided to leave the hustle and bustle of New York’s financial scene to pursue his dream of creating a healthy, fast-dining restaurant that fueled people’s lives with honest ingredients and delicious recipes. A Rush Bowl is a thick, creamy blend of all-natural fruit, wholesome ingredients and nutrients, topped with delicious, crunchy granola and a drizzle of honey.  It’s a complete meal-in-a-bowl designed to satisfy… whatever someone’s RUSH might be. In the menu are 15 nutritious bowls—good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—as well as other limited-time offers. These pre-set bowls are something to start with, and can be customized for each person’s taste, by shifting or adding ingredients. Popular Rush bowls include Peanut Butter & Jelly, with house-ground peanut butter, bananas, and strawberries. The Jungle bowl features strawberries, pineapple, bananas, shaved coconut, two juices, and more. Fat-free frozen yogurt is optional. Rush Bowls attracts people who are interested in eating all-natural, healthy food on the go. This is a massive market that continues to grow rapidly with sales of healthy and all-natural food anticipated to reach $1 trillion by 2017. Over the past decade, Rush Bowls has cultivated a loyal following and developed a successful business model by perfecting menu items, processes, vendor relationships and marketing practices. It is a great concept to be opened around University campus, hospitals or gentrified and hipster neighborhoods. Rush Bowls is not only personally fulfilling, but also highly rewarding financially as a business opportunity – click here to learn more and request information.

9round9ROUND  9Round is a kickboxing/boxing themed 9 round station/circuit workout. The workout is completed in 30 minutes and it is a fun, fast, affordable, full body work-out. 9Round franchises do not hold classes — because a station opens up every 3 minutes – so they say “Classes start every 3 minutes”. With that, it is a concept that became very popular among people with time constraints, that can’t plan and manage their time to attend classes at a specific hour. The workout environment is fun — from music, to trainers, buzzers and ring side bells. Everyone wraps their hands and puts on the gloves for their 9Round Circuit Workout. They are also an ultra-low cost franchise, in the lower 1/4 of all fitness gyms investment wise. They look for 1,200 square feet of space in popular retail strip centers and have a very low overhead as such. Click here to learn more and request information.


TITLE BOXING CLUB – TITLE Boxing Club offers a trainer led, full-body boxing workout that changes your body, clears your mind and completely engages your spirit. Their signature Power Hour utilizes the fundamentals of a true boxer’s workout to strengthen and tone arms, legs, back, core and confidence. TITLE Boxing Club offers world-class franchising opportunities that are supported by effective training, marketing, and operating systems. They became one of the fastest growing franchises in the market (#9 on Entrepreneur Magazine Top New Franchise 2014) with over 400 franchises sold nationwide. Click here to learn more and request information.


fitness1440FITNESS 1440 – If you would like to own a fitness club franchise, but at the same time have more flexibility to customize your structure and services, according to your local community needs, Fitness 1440 franchise may be the right options for you. They provide customized opportunities and work with each owner to design the right club that helps them achieve their goals and the diverse needs of their community. The club has a nice clean and modern appeal. In addition, this franchise has a strong culture around charity and giving back to the community. Finally, it has a cool technology that helps client have a very personalized workout experience. Every club member receives a bracelet that connects to each equipment they use and measure their vitals during exercises generating a daily report they, and even their physicians, can follow. Click here to learn more and request information.



The senior fitness market is one of the largest growing markets in the fitness world today and continues to expand at an increasing rate.  Seniors today are well aware that the key to a long and healthy life is good nutrition and an active lifestyle. With that, it has been found out that 55+ is the fastest growing demographic for health club memberships. According to the US Census, today 21% of the American population is 55+ years old, by 2019, when the last baby boomers turn 55 years old, that number will grow to 29%. That’s 90 million Americans concerned about their health as they continue to age. In addition, market research shows that 88% of adults 44-56 years believe they will be happier in retirement if they remain physically active.

According to Scott: “Modern medicine have brought society an increase in life expectancy, but studies show that does not necessarily mean quality in life.  Physical therapist are urging their senior patients to get up and move as a means of prevention for bone density loss, muscle loss, and gait; according to a report in 2009 Professional Therapist Education Article:  With the baby boomer generation nearing the senior age, the demand for physical activity is high. ” 

 So fitness franchises that focus on the senior community might be a great investment opportunity. Here are some examples:


SUPERSLOWZONE: SuperSlow Zone specializes in strength training and nutrition programs designed for our aging population (55+ is a “sweet spot” for them) to ensure their health and well being. According to them, most people in this market segment want to have a workout routine but are not very interested in regular gyms. They prefer alternative exercise programs and that’s exactly what SuperSlowZone offers. Their exercise protocol was developed out of a $3.2 million osteoporosis study in 1982, at the University of Florida, School of Medicine, is accredited according to IACET standards, and consists of a full body workout that takes only 20 mins and can be done with regular clothes on, set by appointment, 1-2 times a week, and with 1:1 guidance from a certified instructor.  The gym space is also very different from a regular gym, no mirrors and loud music, allowing a more personalized attention from the instructor with the client. This business concept has been proven to work tremendously well, with a 68% retention rate among clients (those who stay 2+ years in the fitness program) plus 71% of new clients being bought in through referrals. Click here to learn more and request information.


LIVE2BHEALTHY  LiveBeHealthy franchise offers on-site fitness to Senior Residential Communities. Using proprietary operating system and tools, they offer seniors – whatever their fitness level – a group setting where they can stretch, learn and socialize. This is a popular and proven business system that has been around for years, and is here to stay. Click here to learn more and request information.






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