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Portable Franchise Businesses? That’s a great invention!

Franchises and turn-key business opportunities that you can take with you wherever you go

In the world of the cell phone providers, if customers are not satisfied with the services offered, they can opt to move to a different cell phone provider carrying their own phone number.

How convenient is that? Your own phone number belongs to you and can go with you wherever you want.

What if you could do something similar with your own franchise business? Keep reading…

There are several franchises and turn-key business opportunities that you can take with you wherever you go. No such thing as restricted territories nor having to go through the hassle of selling your business if you want or need to move to a different city.

Here are some industries that offer such opportunities:

portable business two

  • Medical Billing services
  • Financial services
  • Digital Marketing services
  • Travel Agencies
  • An array of Consulting Companies

A common aspect among those is that typically the business models are home-based and there is no territory restriction. You can take leads from anywhere in the US (and sometimes international leads too), and the main structure you need is a typical home-office setting (internet, computer, phone, printer, etc).  Even though there businesses are easy to setup, they can be quite profitable!

Who can benefit from these businesses opportunities?

  • Families who are constantly relocating. Do you know anyone in the military? Or a spouse of a “corporate slave”?
  • New moms struggling with the decision to go back to corporate. They still need money. Why don’t work from home?
  • Anyone who could use flexible schedule or is tired to commute to work on a daily basis
  • Anyone who needs second stream of income

Here are some features of these franchise business opportunities:

  • Home-based business: Low overhead costs; No time lost commuting to/from work; Harvest the tax benefits of home-office deductions
  • Flexible schedule: Yep! You are the boss! Need time to take kids to school or time to feed the baby? You got it!
  • No territory restrictions: Your loyal customers are everywhere!
  • Low cost franchises and business opportunities: typically, under $30,000 total investment
  • Comprehensive systems and marketing programs

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