Sheila and Dan Purim | Franchise Wizards Co-Founders

Hello and welcome! We’re Sheila and Daniel Purim, Co-Founders of Franchise Wizards.

We work with several hundred franchise brands and provide clients top-to-bottom franchise consulting.

​We come from a family of Entrepreneurs who own and have owned many businesses in several industries, such as food, IT, retail and technology. We also have, through our 11+ years corporate careers, helped from small to Fortune 500 companies make key investment decisions, including strategic acquisitions (M&As) and investments in particular markets and products lines. We then felt that it was time to have a deeper impact into people’s lives by helping them on the personal level make critical business investment decisions. That’s why we decided to found Franchise Wizards. We love our mission and feel blessed to help hundreds of people every year evaluate business options and make informed decisions that will greatly impact their lives.

Our mission: “To help our clients achieve their dream lives through business ownership – We know the ins and outs, and secrets of the Franchising industry and will put our expertise to work for you.”

Our values: “100% focus on our clients’ needs and desires, transparency, diligence and open communication.”

​Our personal note to you: “If you are looking for change, for a way to achieve your dream life, go for it! Don’t be afraid to take a risk! Your greatest accomplishment is to have a dream and pursue it! We will be here for you, to give you support, help you overcome fear, and ensure you will be fully informed on the details about each business opportunity you decide to explore, so you can make wise and well informed decisions. We will be your partners in the process, all the way.”


Franchise Wizards is a Franchise Consulting company based in Carlsbad, CA. Our Franchise Industry experts work with nearly 500 franchises and assist our clients in identifying the best franchises for their particular situation.

“Our mission is to help you achieve your dream of business ownership through franchising!”

Our industry experts can help you in many ways:

1) Leverage our deep expertise in the Franchising industry to help you select the right franchise for your investment, based on your background, goals and budget.

2) Receive coaching during the entire franchise selection and investigation process. We will partner with you every step of the way, so you can make most of your time, and make the best decision.

3) Get preferred access to the Franchise Directors and Founders, as we are connected directly to them.

4) Get access to our network of professionals that will help you in your new venture, including Funding Partners specialized in small business funding, CPAs, Attorneys, Business Coaches, and more!

Working with us has no cost to you! We work with nearly 500 franchises and are paid by the franchisors we work with, not you! We help them find qualified candidates that would be great fit for their franchise networks, at the same time we help you find the best franchise for your investment.