The Beauty industry is enormous and there will always be a demand for that, as long as people keep wanting to look good! The Health & Wellness spa industry alone is estimated at U$17Billion and the Hair & Nail Salons industry is estimated at U$56Billion (source: IBISWorld, 2017), and both continue to grow year over year!

These markets are fairly fragmented, so there is a lot of opportunity to enter and enjoy a piece of the pie. 😉

Many beauty services can be high ticket offers, where a person may pay anywhere from a hundred to several thousand dollars for a treatment.

We work with franchises in several categories related to the beauty industry:

  • Wellness and Medical spas;
  • Massage Centers;
  • Waxing spas;
  • Hair Salons (generic, for men, for children, etc);
  • Nail salons;
  • Fitness Centers;
  • Pilates and Yoga studios;

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